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We invite you to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place and its Queen. We hope that you will carry the spirit that makes us love Bran Castle with you, always.

On May 18, 2009, after 61 years, 4 months, and 11 days of state ownership, the Bran Castle was returned to the children of Princess Ileana of Romania, Dominic, Elisabeth, and Maria Magdalena.
All traces of the family had been eliminated. What once was Queen Marie’s most cherished residence, and our family home, was stripped and barren.
Within three weeks, the Bran Castle was restored, blooming in full splendor, to welcome you.
This joyful transformation was made possible through the joint efforts of the loyal, loving and hard-working people of Bran and Romania, our family, and helping hands coming together from all over the world.
Four years later, the Bran Castle has become a destination for over 500,000 visitors each year who can delight in countless activities such as music festivals, children’s pageants, and food fairs. Recognizing that Bran was the inspiration for Dracula’s Castle in the Bram Stoker’s celebrated novel, “Dracula”, visitors can enjoy rooms dedicated to Transylvania’s most famous count… and, in the coming months, dine in Queen Marie’s Tea House and ride a glass elevator to experience “Dracula’s escape route”.
We invite you to experience the history, myth, intrigue, and magic of this wonderful place and its Queen. We hope that you will carry the spirit that makes us love the Bran Castle with you, always.
We look forward to your visit. You are most welcome in our home.
– Dominic Habsburg
ASIR Dominic
Archduke of Austria
Son of Princess Ileana


Year of construction

720000 +

Visitors in the year 2022

royal by day wicked by night

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The Bran Castle is sited at the entrance to the Rucăr – Bran passage, on the road connecting Braşov to Câmpulung, overtowered by the peaks of the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului Mountains. Bran is less than 30 km far from Braşov, when following the national route 73, which leaves Braşov by its West end, through the Bartolomeu district. The distance to Bucharest is of less than 200 km.

Due to its lovely landscape and charming people, Bran-Moeciu is one of the most popular touristic areas in Brasov County and the ideal place to spend a great week-end or your holidays.

One can say that nature has been generous with this area because it is surrounded by the impressive silhouettes of the massifs Bucegi and Piatra Craiului, two of the most important elements in the Romanian mountainous touristic scenery.


Brasov County


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